Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today is the Day

I have always wanted to do this, start a column that consists primarily of my thoughts about subjects that well you really can't talk about in most places. Well at least you can't if you don't want to cause a fight or flame war.

Why the name? I used to work for a company that often referred to me as a dumb bunny. I suppose they may have been attempting to compensate for their own lack of worldly knowledge, or perhaps they were just trying to have a little fun at my expense. The truth is it was a combination of both that earned me my name. I fell asleep while the boss was attempting to train me and often looked a bit out of it. I worked for a paper company so I think you can probably guess why I was a bit out of it, extreme boredom.

Don't get me wrong I value my time there I learned allot about things I never wanted to know and made a few friends. The friends I have kept, but the job I left a long time ago.

OK so back to my purpose. Like I said I just want a place to express my thoughts and it took me until now to realise that I could just set up a blog and as long as I don't promote anything bad like drugs and violence I would be able to post what I think and no one could stop me YAY. please remember that I value your opinion as well as my own so post a response if you want to but follow these rules

Rules for responding
Respect others as you would have them respect you. My thoughts are mine to keep and hold true for me alone. If you don't agree with my thoughts that is fine post your argument in a polite and respectful manner or don't post it at all. Debate is good, flame wars will not be tolerated. Use language that you would use with someone else's child. In other words no cursing or profanity. No one will take you seriously if you sound like an uneducated oaf.

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